Couples' Counselling and Psychotherapy

Providing Support for your Relationship

Types of support available:

  • Help in identifying and changing unhelpful ways of communicating. Identifying patterns which feel difficult to interrupt, and which lead to arguments and distress which neither person really wants, but which feel hard to avoid.
  • Help in assessing your relationship to find areas for growth and improvement
  • Support around communicating more effectively with each other
  • Help in finding ways to manage conflict - this helps manage 'hotspots' e.g. disagreements about finances, housework or caring for your children etc.
  • Finding effective ways to 'come back together again' where one or both partners have got it wrong for the other
  • Help in resolving sexual problems
  • Support in making a good ending where you have reached a decision to end your relationship; this includes help with separation, mediation and issues around finances and child care
I offer an initial assessment to highlight the areas of concern in your relationship and really listen to your experiences and find out how and why you would like things to be different. It would not be my job to take sides but to support you both effectively so that you can make the changes that you need in order to get the most from being together. I offer a range of  interventions from brief intervention over 6 - 8 sessions to help you to reach shared decisions and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour, to longer term work around developing closeness and emotional literacy. 

Please contact Fiona to book an initial appointment.